mackenna mackenna louise cleary • december 15, 1980 • 35 • sagittariushufflepuffenfj • born in brooklyn, ny • currently resides in los angeles • actress • kinsey 3 • single
Mackenna Cleary (born December 15, 1980) is an American actress who first got her start on Broadway, where she received a Tony Award for her performance in The Secret Garden. She is best known for her roles in The Help (2011), Netflix's Orange Is the New Black (2012-present) and Jurassic World (2015).

In July, Universal Pictures announce that a sequel to the successful series would be released on June 22, 2018, with both the writers and the two lead actors ** & Cleary reprising their roles.

Born in Los Angeles, California to Henry and Georgina Cleary, Mackenna is the middle child of two other successful industry stars, and it was clear from the beginning that their parents wanted them to be big names. Their father worked as an accountant while their mother stayed at home to raise and home school the kids, a necessary feat when Mackenna was just eleven years old when she was cast as Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden. It was her first breakout role and she won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress for her performance. To this day Cleary is still the youngest recipient of the award.

When she was cast in Peter Pan and Mamma Mia! afterwards, Mackenna and her mother moved to New York full time instead of traveling back and forth to Los Angeles. Allegedly the time that they spent in New York put a strain on their family dynamic, but Cleary has come out to say, "We were all really supportive of one another. Sometimes that meant only phone calls and emails back and forth for months, but we all did what we had to do."

It wasn't until Cleary was cast in Catch Me If You Can that she really broke into films, working her way into supporting roles with great directors and co-stars. In 2010 Cleary starred in Blue Valentine opposite James Wardlaw, which earned her an Academy Award nomination for her performance. They took a different approach to the film, spending weeks before filming together as if they were a real couple, and improvised dialogue together in nearby public places to really get a feeling for their characters.

In 2013, rumors began to spread that Cleary was seen on vacation in Italy with a woman, where they were seen 'very friendly' with one another. It was ignored for weeks until the couple was seen together at the premiere of They Came Together, and Mackenna addressed the rumors as such, "There's nothing to address. I'm happy, and isn't that enough?"

MEDIA PERCEPTION: primarily stays out of the media spotlight, only has twitter to post her instagram pictures, to live-tweet award shows, and to tell creepy assholes where to stick it. speculations about her sexuality and who she is/isn't dating are aplenty and only multiplied after oitnb. main fanbase is primarily younger women on tumblr with some male nerds thrown in after the jurassic world release. acting credibility/fame level similar to a healthy mixture of bryce dallas howard and anna kendrick.

(2018) untitled jurassic world sequel ... claire dearing (2015) jurassic world ... claire dearing (2014) the last five years ... cathy (2014) they came together ... tiffany amber thigpen (2012) bachelorette ... katie (2011) the muppets ... mary (2011) the help ... hilly walters holbrook (2010) blue valentine ... cindy heller (2009) adam ... beth (2008) mamma mia ... sophie (2008) miss pettigrew lives for a day ... delysia lafosse (2007) lars and the real girl ... margo (2005) brokeback mountain ... lashawn malone (2004) the village ... kitty walker (2004) 13 going on 30 ... lucy wyman (2002) catch me if you can ... brenda strong
(2013 - present) orange is the new black ... piper chapman (1993 - 1999) the nanny ... maggie sheffield theatre
(tba) frozen: the musical workshop ... elsa (rumored) (2012) dogfight off broadway ... marcy (2010) bachelorette off broadway ... katie (2006) les miserables ... eponine (2000-2002) mamma mia ... sophie (1998 - 1999) peter pan ... wendy darling (1991-1993) the secret garden ... mary lennox
• still the youngest recipient of the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress
• sprained her ankle running in heels during her infamous t-rex run
• talks with her hands and it drives her assistant absolutely insane
• has an apartment in greenwich village and a house in west hollywood
• remained close to the leads in the nanny and frequently posts instagram photos of lunches together
• relationships with her family are very strained because of their upbringing, but she is making an effort to fix that
• has considered making a gluten-free cookbook as she suffers from celiac disease
• the swearing that happens on 'oitnb' is kind of how mackenna talks all of the time, and while she has been trying to curb that habit, it only is encouraged by being on set.

• will go above and beyond to thank the crew of whatever production she is working on strengths
honest, hardworking, sarcastic, loyal, tolerent, punctual, observant, understanding, multilingual weaknesses
blunt, sarcastic, unyeilding, no nonsense, demanding, hedonistic, reluctant to change