paisley coleman also known as supergirl / kara zor-el / claire collins / etc
⤑ full name Paisley Claire Coleman ⤑ nicknames Pais, PC, Cole, Leigh, Colie ⤑ age + birth date 21 + November 15, 1993 ⤑ zodiac sign Scorpio ⤑ hometown McPherson, Kansas ⤑ residence Boston, Massachusetts ⤑ occupation Student ⤑ sexuality Fluid ⤑ relationship status Single
When Paisley Connors had been just a week old, her fifteen year old mother had given her away for adoption. It hadn't been what she wanted, not exactly, but at the time, it was what was necessary for the goodness of the girl. Her parents wouldn't let her keep the girl that she'd been dreaming about for so many months, but because of her age, they forced her to give her to an orphanage. What wasn't better was the mere fact that they drove her to another state to do it, just so their daughter couldn't try and "take" her back. It was an awful way to look at it and to think about it, but it was what had happened. What was more was the fact that eventually, when Paisley would become old enough, it would be told to her that her parents had died, which was why she was still at the orphanage. The good thing about it all was the fact that because Paisley grew up that way, she didn't see a problem with how she was being raised at all. She had a lot of sisters this way and other children to play with instead of being all alone; it was better this way.

By the time Paisley was four years old, she'd started learning new and more things. She was growing up and becoming a better person due to the fact that she didn't technically have any parents and calling nuns her parents wasn't really something that worked for her. By the time she was five years old, she was learning to take care of herself. It wasn't easy, but it was something that she had to learn by the way that she was being raised. Paisley was being taught the good things in life, of course, but she was also given reasons to be a good child. She would never find herself becoming a wild child or a thief. It would be too out of character, even at such a young age and for how she was abandoned -- despite the fact that Paisley would never know that her parents were actually still alive.

In September of 1999, when Paisley was five, almost six years old, a family had finally come to find her. It had been a long time coming, but she was the happiest she could ever be with being able to be adopted by a loving family. It was something that Paisley had always dreamt about, especially after all of the times she would see her friends get adopted, meanwhile she was still waiting for the perfect family that would take her in. It was no time before she would begin calling Mary and Travis Coleman the titles of mom and dad, and had even wanted to let them change her last name to Coleman. It was the perfect family moment. Not only did they bring her in, but they made her one of their own and made her to feel as if she were happy with them, and she was. They were older, that was for certain, but they were loving and showed Paisley that she was one of their own, despite not being biologically theirs.

Throughout the years, Paisley grew up to becoming her own person with the help of a loving family instead of doing it on her own. She learned that she's quite good with her hands and eventually was able to take karate lessons as well as eventually convince her family that gymnastics was a good idea as well. She was just all-around good with the physical nature of things. Paisley really put her best foot forward in learning and making sure that she was good at that sort of thing, because she wanted to make a life of it. It wasn't known at the moment, at least not with her, but Paisley would eventually figure out that it would be the best idea for her to actually become something more and more like she read in the books that girls could do. It was the early 2000s, too, so she was able to figure out what she really wanted to do. Even with college, the doors were eventually wide open. She'd gotten into Boston University on a sport scholarship as a full ride, which helped her to become more of who she was supposed to be -- not to mention her looks made people second guess how tough she really could be.

What Paisley never counted on was the fact that she would fall in love with the North East that was Boston. It was beautiful and a place that she truly felt that she could reside in for as long as she lived. She'd met people, and found reasons to stay. Even when she took a little bit of time off from school to focus on getting to find herself (which included traveling throughout Europe and Asia to make sure that she could find reasons to be herself). It had been as if she'd lost herself somewhere along the way, not sure where or how she could be herself with all of the things that were and had been going on. It had ultimately destroyed her scholarship due to the fact that she had left school for a while to do this, and coming back to school bills was the worst part of it all, which had caused her to get a menial job to be able to pay the bare minimum due to her parents age and their inability to pay for her to live across the country as well as everything else - not to mention that she knew, morally, it was wrong.

mother father sister brother brother-in-law mary coleman travis coleman patricia benson dean coleman stephen benson

facts ⤑ Paisley is the youngest daughter to Mary and Travis Coleman, and the only child that was adopted. Dean (39) and Patricia (42) are their only biological children; the couple had adopted Paisley when she was nearly six years old because they missed having a child in the home due to their son, Dean, left home for college and was 18 when Paisley was adopted into the family.

⤑ Currently training to become an MMA fighter. Paisley currently holds a black belt in American Free Style Karate and has also trained in WuShu, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Boxing and wrestling. For a while, her dream was to become a model, but after she realized how good she is with fighting, she changed her ways and started forward on a road to MMA fighting instead. She has considered becoming a professional wrestler, but opted out when she realized she'd have to move away from Boston.

personality bubbly and often excited; more often than not she is happy go lucky, very into fashion and being hip with the fashions that are currently "in style". she tends to be a little naive but self sufficient and a little opinionated. she very secure in herself and has confidence that she can do whatever she wants as long as she puts her mind to it.

parallels ⤑ natural blond
⤑ from kansas
⤑ middle name is claire, which is one of kara's alias names
⤑ college student (though took a year or so off to "find herself" -- which isn't really a parallel)
⤑ has a cat named flame (semi parallel for when supergirl was flamebird for a brief period)
⤑ loves being physical and uses her strength and agility to her advantage.

• still the youngest recipient of the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress
• sprained her ankle running in heels during her infamous t-rex run
• talks with her hands and it drives her assistant absolutely insane
• has an apartment in greenwich village and a house in west hollywood
• remained close to the leads in the nanny and frequently posts instagram photos of lunches together
• relationships with her family are very strained because of their upbringing, but she is making an effort to fix that
• has considered making a gluten-free cookbook as she suffers from celiac disease
• the swearing that happens on 'oitnb' is kind of how mackenna talks all of the time, and while she has been trying to curb that habit, it only is encouraged by being on set.

• will go above and beyond to thank the crew of whatever production she is working on strengths
honest, hardworking, sarcastic, loyal, tolerent, punctual, observant, understanding, multilingual weaknesses
blunt, sarcastic, unyeilding, no nonsense, demanding, hedonistic, reluctant to change