frankie snow francesca teresa snow • december 15, 1986 • 29 • sagittarius • slytherin • isfj • born in paris, france • currently resides in boston, ma • event planner • kinsey 3 • engaged comicverseetcetera
In Boston's elite circle, people talk like it was the hottest bag from Chanel, and Vincent Snow was not exempt from that gossip circle. After a bitter divorce and a grateful pre-nup, Vincent was in need of another arm candy. A business trip took him to Paris, with six months and six different trips there and back, and Vincent signed the paperwork to make Evelyne his new bride. The leggy blonde provided the perfect stories delievered in an endearing accented broken English and the two lived a happy life together, topped off with a string bean of a daughter born in December.

Francesca Snow was an ugly ducking from the beginning, never fitting in to her features and clumsy as hell in everything she tried.. swimming, ballet, nothing really clicked until the growth spurt sent her skyrocketing over all of her classmates. Turns out the really long-limbed girls didn't need to be all that coordinated to be really good at jumping and blocking, so volleyball was Frankie's forte. With enough training and practice she finally got the hang of it, mostly glad that it gave her something to occupy her time with. The Snows wanted their child to excel, to be a bragging point during Vincent's company's events, but it turned out that Frankie was just average. Their circle of friends had children who were going to be concert violinists or the next Monet, but it turned out that the expectations were set too high for them.

Vincent and Florence had a rocky relationship, one where Vincent wanted the best for and from her and where she tried and tried and it wasn't enough. Not that he was outwardly displeased with her grades or athletic talents, but her father was a dismissive presence, constantly working and never truly there for her. So Frankie was happy to skate on by, coasting under the radar. With parents too swept up in their own lives to really pay attention, Francesca and the rest of her classmates drank and partied on; shit happens and before she realized what had happened she had a miscarriage. Evelyne was devastated for the near shock to their social status, but everyone quickly moved on as if it never happened.

Another fling with another boy in her social circle lead to another unannounced and unexpected pregnancy, and instead of dealing with it in Boston, Frankie packed her bags and jetted off to France.
emma frost The former White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost is a powerful mutant telepath who can transform herself into organic diamond. She has become an eminent member among the X-Men. A gifted teacher, Emma is renowned for her beauty, wit, and revealing attire.
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🔐 Telekinesis
🔐 Trauma healing factor
🔐 Psionic shield
🔐 Absorbtion
🔐 Organic diamond form memories
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comic tie-ins •first name, last initial
• father is a weathly businessman, mother is a socialite
• strained relationship with parents
• has had two miscarriages - ties to the cuckoos
• romantically attached to scott summers
• adores working with children, dresses up during their parties as elsa or cinderella
• has started and stopped planning their wedding multiple times, either due to work restrictions or pressure from her family to have something lavish
• is impulsive without thinking of the consequences, like why isn't she allowed to drop everything and fly to france?
• will do anything to ensure her fiance looks his best in the public eye, a very "jackie in the streets marilyn in the streets" trade-off
• their furbaby stella is the love of her life.. don't tell jackson.
The ISFJ personality type is quite unique, as many of their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Though possessing the Feeling trait, ISFJs have excellent analytical abilities; though Introverted, they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are a Judging type, ISFJs are often receptive to change and new ideas. As with so many things, people with the ISFJ personality type are more than the sum of their parts, and it is the way they use these strengths that defines who they are. ISFJs are true altruists, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people they believe in with enthusiasm and generosity.

Wild, feisty, independent and exciting, Sagittarian women are arguably the wild child of the zodiac. Adventurous, fun loving, sociable and friendly, they are typically determined to live life to the fullest. This is an honest woman, a straight shooter who speaks her mind. Inspiring and spontaneous she can sometimes be seen as too aggressive or impatient by those who prefer a more subtle approach to life. She values independence and freedom, manifested both in a liberal open mindedness and a dislike of feeling trapped or obligated. She often does better with a strong willed and independent partner, rather than one who is too needy or possessive.