cressida sawyer
cressida emmeline sawyer • 21st april 1991 • twenty-five years old • raised in palo alto, ca • currently lives in boston, ma • classics dphil candidate at harvard • kinsey 3 & not interested • esfj, the achiever, sanguine, ravenclaw comicverse etcetera storylines
When Helaine Sawyer and George Bristol met, she was a nineteen year old Harvard student studying archaeology, and he was a twenty-three year old graduate student at the business school; both in serious relationships separate from one another, but the chemistry was so immediate and apparent that after only a few weeks of having known each other, they had left their respective partners and began seeing each other instead. That immediate whirlwind, however, was where the fairy tale stopped. Despite the very apparent connection they shared, they fought more often than not, given their clash in both backgrounds and personality. Helaine came from a lower class family in london and was only able to attend Harvard on a very generous scholarship, George came from a real estate empire with old money that could rival the Rockefellers and grew up having everything in his life handed to him (including, it would turn out, his acceptance into Harvard, which his father had had to pull some strings to get). Where Helaine was careful and detailed, George was brazen and careless, and this left them constantly at each other's throats. When Helaine found out she was pregnant shortly before her twenty-first birthday, George proposed -- while the logical thing to do would be agree to raise the child separately and part ways given their volatile personalities, Helaine was so blinded by the idea of marriage and children and a beautiful house that she immediately said yes. As one might expect, this did not end well.

While the pair did do their best to make things work after Cressida was born, including moving out to Palo Alto, California in order for Helaine to pursue her PhD at Stanford, it became slowly evident that they brought out the worst in each other. They were both argumentative and violent, and Helaine eventually began to realize that that was no environment to raise a child in. Shortly after Cressida's seventh birthday, she filed for divorce, and George did not fight her on it, making the move back to New York to take over his father's company. Making the shift to being raised by a single mother was not something that ever truly phased Cressida; it was just simply the way it was. George would send her presents and a card on her birthday, occasionally make a phone call to check in, but those became less and less frequent the older she became. By the time she was ten years old, he no longer spoke to her. She had a doting, supportive mother, however, and being ignored by a man who did not show much interest in her to start with was not something that phased her. However, being both an only child and the daughter of a single parent meant Cressida latched quickly onto anyone else in her life that showed her even remote interest. She was a very needy child, and this is not something she has grown completely out of. She liked to be surrounded by people, making her something of a social butterfly in elementary and middle school.

By the time she entered high school, she was walking the thin line of popular-unpopular; while she was incredibly bubbly and outgoing and participated on the dance team (barely a step down from cheerleading as far as popularity goes, she was quick to point out to her skeptical mother), she was also very bookish and something of a (huge) know it all. She was never the first to be invited to parties or outings, but she was never not invited, either. When she was a junior, her mother finally remarried; Dr. James Roth was a neurolinguist she had met while working at Stanford, and everything that Cressida had ever wanted in a father figure. He was kind and supportive, never overbearing but always willing to listen and offer advice. Shortly after the wedding, Cressida got the first of what would be three of four calls a year from George, attempting to mend fences -- if she were a bigger person, she might have allowed it, but the resentment she felt at it taking him seven years and her mother's remarriage to do so prevented her from ever returning his messages.

When the time came to apply for college, Cressida knew exactly what it was she wanted to study -- classics. She had always been a fan of the ancient world, inexplicably drawn to Greek literature in particular, and while she knew it may not be the most practical of degrees to earn, she had always been of the belief that you had to study what you enjoyed, not what was expected of you. She briefly considered colleges in the California area, mostly for the sake of Asher Kidd, her best friend since they were youngsters, but after she and her mother took a weekend away to take a campus tour of Harvard, she knew that was where she was meant to be. She flourished in such a heavily academic setting, earning two bachelor's degrees (one in classics, one in anthropology) before continuing onto graduate school. She earned her master's in 2015, and while she considered stopping at that, she was deep enough into academia that she figured she may as well continue. That, and she finally had a setting where she felt truly included, whereas she had floundered in lower level education, and she wanted to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible.

She is currently pursuing her DPhil, and loving every moment of it, though it has made her even more high strung than usual. She currently lives with Asher Kidd and Ivy Worth; a set up that she is quick to say she enjoys, but there is admittedly more butting heads than she would like to admit, mostly due to her need to control everything. She recently started seeing a therapist as a way to try and deal with her anxiety and overwhelming desire to be in control of all situations, but she has not seen much of a difference yet (because she cannot expect things to immediately work, her mother is quick to point out).
cassie sandsmark, "wonder girl"
Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark is the second person to be called Wonder Girl; the first being Donna Troy. Cassie is the daughter of Dr. Helena Sandsmark and the Greek god Zeus.

Cassie spent most of her time at her mother's work at the Gateway City Museum of Antiquities, where she had a penchant for getting into trouble. She quickly befriended her mother's new employee, Wonder Woman, and was eager to help her. During a fight with a Doomsday clone and another battle with Decay, she created a costume and used magical acquirements (the Sandals of Hermes and the Gauntlet of Atlas) to help Wonder Woman, much to her mother's horror. Cassie later had the opportunity to ask Zeus for a boon, and requested real superpowers. Zeus granted her request, but gave Dr. Sandsmark the ability to deactivate them. Dr. Sandsmark, however, reluctantly accepted her daughter's wish to be a superheroine and rarely if ever uses this ability. Artemis was assigned as her teacher. ( READ MORE )

• Cressida's initials are the same as Cassandra's, and her mother's name is a play on Cassandra's mother's name.
• As a call out to Cassandra's roots in Greek mythology, Cressida's academic pursuits have revolved primarily around Ancient Greek language and history.
• Cressida studies at Harvard, as Cassandra's mother did.
• Both Cressida and Cassandra are names taken from Greek mythological figures.

POWERS Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed
Superhuman durability
Superhuman reflexes

abilities Advanced hand-to-hand combat

items Gauntlet of Atlas
Sandals of Hermes
Lasso of Lightning
silent armor

memories memories of young justice
memories of teen titans
memories of metropolis
memories of themyscira

miscellaneous facts
• Currently studies at Harvard University, where she also went for her undergraduate studies. She holds two B.A.s, one in classics and one in anthropology (both earned in 2013), and an M.A. in classics (awarded in 2015); she is currently working towards her DPhil in Classics, with an expected award year of 2018. Her master's thesis was titled 'I See the Better Course: Six Women's Speeches of Decision in Ovid's Metamorphoses', while her DPhil is tentatively titled 'Girl, Your Wounds Are Beautiful: Beauty, Suffering, and Identity in the Ancient Greek Novel'.

• Her research interests include: greek literature, greek history, questions of identity in the ancient world, greek mythology and religion, and greek tragedy. She has additionally studied archaeology, linguistics, history of art (focusing on ancient world and renaissance), and various dead languages (mostly extinct baltic and tyrsenian).

• In addition to English, she speaks/reads fluent Ancient and Modern Greek, Latin, German, Italian, and French; additionally knows conversational Spanish. Has expressed an interest in learning Slavic and Semitic languages, as well. Has picked up some rudimentary Hebrew over the years from Asher.

• Owns an Etsy shop, Artemis Botanicals, that produces natural skincare products such as facial oils, lip scrubs, cleansing oils and balms, body butters, soap, and bath salts. It's nothing she works particularly hard at, but she does a decent amount of business for a one-woman operation.

• Pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma her freshman year at Harvard. Went on to be the philanthropy chair her junior year and president her senior. Still keeps in close contact with a decent amount of her sisters, as she frequently organizes brunches and outings.

• Suffers from very minor OCD that mostly manifests itself in keeping her living spaces painstakingly clean and organized (everything on her desk must be perpendicular, for example), and the need to have things organized alphabetically and from light to dark. Messes make her anxious.

• Despite what she will say to the contrary, wishes desperately that her father had been more involved in her life. She ignores his attempts to contact her now simply out of a petty grudge, resentful that it took him so long to man up and try to get to know her. Tends to latch tightly to older men that come through her life (professors, employers, etc.) in order to try and fill the void. She has developed an incredibly tight bond with her step-father as a result. Her romantic relationships have also been generally dysfunctional, as while she's a very warm and open person, she hesitates to be fully open and vulnerable with a significant other due to some repressed abandonment issues.

• That being said, however, she is something of a serial monogamist and very rarely (though it has happened once or twice) has flings or one night stands. She has a hard time separating out love and sex, and she is fully aware of that, so she tries not to put herself in situations that would blur those lines.

dr. helaine meredith sawyer (mother, 46)
archaeologist specializing in classical archaeology, curator at la natural history museum.
george everett bristol (father, 50)
ceo of a conglomerate holding company. estranged, have not had contact since 2001.
dr. james clayton roth (step-father, 47)
linguist specializing in neurolinguistics, occasional lecturer at stanford.

First and foremost, Cressida is the most well-meaning anal control freak you will ever encounter. She can be incredibly bossy and is very particular about the way things are done, but nine times out of ten, it's because she truly thinks she's helping you. Quick witted and whip smart, and she knows it, so she has a very well deserved title (not in her mind, however) of a know it all. She's very outgoing and personable, but has a very uncontrollable need to please people. She likes to feel needed and admired, and requires constant validation, which causes her to come across as gratingly needy. She does not take blunt criticism well (she's incredibly sensitive and it can be rather easy to hurt her feelings), which is ironic given that she frequently doles it out herself. She has a very strong maternal instinct, and typically falls into the 'mother hen' role in her friend groups, complete with a constant supply of lasagnas and knitted sweaters. Extremely loyal and supportive of those in her life, and she cares a great deal about taking care of others and making sure they are succeeding in their various endeavors. She's a big believer in extensive pre-planning and has three separate agendas for various things, and does not react well to plans being changed.

All in all, she's a very sweet, well-meaning if rather bossy, nosy know it all that just wants to smother you in homemade baked goods and pointers on how to achieve your best sleep cycle.